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TFS token is a big deal and game changer in the world of gambling and cryptocurrencies. This is token that thousands of players around the world have been waiting for.

The TFS token has become the internal payment method of one of the very first and largest blockchain casinos on the Internet, Fairspin.

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What is Fairspin

  • Cryptocurrency online casino

    The most famous blockchain casino in the world is the future standard of the gambling industry. It is an online casino with over 438,000 registered users, of which over 13,000 play daily;

  • Profitable gambling business

    Fairspin Casino has over US $ 4.5 million in profit;

  • Free cashback in the form of cryptocurrency

    Each player receives a free cashback in the form of TFS cryptocurrency in coins, which will ensure an effective start of the cryptocurrency and steady growth in the first months;

  • Average projected income of 678% - 20,000% annually

    The earned income from cryptocurrency depends on the strategy and activity of the owner of the cryptocurrency;

  • Minimum guaranteed income 37.5% per annum

    No cryptocurrency guarantees a minimum return, unlike the TFS token. The guarantee of an annual return of at least 37.5% is 6-8 times more than bank deposits, and possibly more than playing on the stock exchange. However, the predicted profitability is tens and hundreds of times higher;

  • Simple and intuitive Fairspin interface

    Convenient interface for buying, managing and withdrawing cryptocurrency;

  • Staking (stacking) TFS token

    A more progressive form of earning is staking, not mining: without expensive equipment and buying a video card, as well as electricity costs.

  • Limited amount of TFS tokens

    A total of 2,500,000,000 tokens will be issued.

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What is TFS token

TFS token is the next big breakthrough in the crypto world. The TFS token will be of interest to two large audiences:

Fairspin blockchain casino players:

  • Cryptocurrency for free

    After each bet in the casino, the player receives a cashback in the form of a cryptocurrency - TFS tokens. This is a free cashback and the player has no obligation to the casino on how to spend it.

  • Earnings on cryptocurrency

    A special program Hold2Earn was developed, which allows you to increase the number of tokens.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange

    If you want to exchange TFS tokens for any other cryptocurrency, you can do this without any problems through the special Uniswap protocol.

For cryptocurrency holders

If you are looking for a promising cryptocurrency and want buy a crypto and do not sell, then TFS coin is for you.

  • TFS token has a limited edition;
  • TFS token - a deflationary token with a buyback option;
  • TFS token is an internal means of payment of one of the first blockchain casinos in the world with a daily audience of more than 13,000 players;
  • Listing on Uniswap will lead to an increase in the value of the TFS coin and will allow the TFS token to be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.
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How to get a TFS token

  • Play at Fairspin casino and get cashback in the form of cryptocurrency. Basically, we are talking about cryptocurrency for free;
  • Buy TFS tokens without the obligation to play in online casinos and spend tokens on games.

Anyone can buy tokens. And everyone can make money with TFS tokens. Next, we will tell you how to make real money with TFS tokens.

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How to make money on TFS tokens

Each owner of TFS tokens automatically becomes a member of the "Hold to Earn" program. Under the terms of the program, tokens can be frozen for 15 minutes, 4 hours, 1 day or more. Such a freezing of a token is called staking - it is tantamount to opening a deposit in a bank. Only instead of long months, you can freeze the token even for 15 minutes. Your passive income in cryptocurrency depends on the number of frozen tokens, the number of program participants and the income of the Fairspin blockchain casino during the period when your tokens were frozen.

Hold TFS tokens to earn TFS coins

The Hold to Earn program offers the following passive income options for the TFS cryptocurrency:

  1. 1 day - earnings of 3% of casino income - an average of 678.8% per annum;
  2. 4 hours - earnings of 2% of casino income - on average 20,000% per annum;
  3. 15 minutes - earning 1% of casino income - an average of 12,000% per annum.

At Fairspin, you make money anyway

After the end of the freeze period, you get tokens back + a percentage of new tokens. You will not lose your tokens under any circumstances. In theory, it is possible that the casino's income fell sharply during the period of time when you froze the tokens. For example, people around the world celebrate Christmas or for other reasons. In this case, the yield will be less than usual. There is no need to be upset. We advise you not to leave the Hold to Earn program and freeze TFS tokens for a new period.

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How to withdraw TFS tokens or exchange for another cryptocurrency

You can withdraw tokens or exchange them for another cryptocurrency at any time. You can withdraw tokens either from a gaming account at Fairspin online casino, or through a special financial protocol Uniswap. You can also exchange TFS tokens for another cryptocurrency at any time with Uniswap.

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Key information about TFS tokens

  • TFS token is ERC20;
  • Each player of the Fairspin online casino receives a free cashback in the form of TFS tokens at the end of each day, depending on the bets made;
  • The issue of tokens is regulated by a smart contract based on the current value and daily income of the platform;
  • All operations with a TFS token are carried out in the TruePlay widget (analogous to a personal account).

TFS token FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is a TFS token?

The TFS token is a new cryptocurrency that will become the standard payment method for the Fairspin blockchain casino.

What is Fairspin?

Fairspin is one of the first licensed blockchain casinos in the world, with over 338 thousand registered users and over 13 thousand people playing every day.

What is the difference between a blockchain casino and a regular online casino?

In transparency. In blockchain casinos, information is not recorded on the casino server and the casino honesty control is much higher. Each player can check information, including the game session number, bet and more.

If Fairspin is a blockchain casino, does it accept cryptocurrency as a deposit?

Yes, Fairspin Crypto Casino accepts dozens of cryptocurrencies for payment.

Is it possible to buy cryptocurrency on the Fairspin casino website?

Yes, on the Fairspin casino website, you can buy cryptocurrency through MoonPlay and LocalBitcoins.

What is Fairspin Casino Free Cashback?

Each player of the Fairspin casino, placing a bet, receives a cashback in the form of TFS cryptocurrency. The player can dispose of tokens at his own discretion.

Why is Fairspin Casino giving away cryptocurrency for free?

Fairspin Casino is constantly in search of how to provide its players with new forms of income and the most favorable conditions for playing.

What is a TFS widget?

TFS Widget is a secure program for TFS tokens, where you can buy or withdraw tokens, as well as participate in the "Hold to Earn" program.

How to participate in the TFS token “Hold to Earn” program?

You choose one of the options of the "Keep to earn" program, where the average annual interest ranges from 678% to 20,000% per annum. The following options are currently available for TFS coin holders - 15 minutes, 4 hours, 1 day. You choose one of the options and freeze the tokens for this period of time. After the end of the specified period, you will receive tokens to your account and the earned interest.

What income does the purchase of a TFS token provide?

The amounts depend on various circumstances, including the number of participants and the income of Fairspin Casino, but on average we are talking about an amount from 678% per annum to 20,000% per annum. At the same time, all mathematical models show that even under the worst and most critical circumstances, the rate of return cannot fall below 37% per annum.

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