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How to multiply TFS tokens (Fairspin coin)

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You might say, “Okay, tokens are great. But how to make money on this? " Let's tell us.

Free TFS Cryptocurrency at Fairspin

Free TFS Cryptocurrency at Fairspin

Any player of the Fair Spin online casino receives a free cashback in the form of TFS tokens. We emphasize once again, absolutely free cashback. Placed a bet - received a cashback in the form of a cryptocurrency. No other casino does this. Cryptocurrency is free - only at Fair Spin.

And remember - no mining and buying expensive video cards for computers, as well as electricity costs. Anyone can make money with the TFS token without investing a single ruble.

Earnings on TFS tokens

The TFS token earning program is called the “Hold to Earn” program. The name reflects the essence of the program and now we will talk about it in more detail.

Earnings on TFS tokens

What is the Hold to Earn program

In one of the articles we looked at what staking is. In short, the "Hold to Earn" TFS token program is a classic cryptocurrency staking, where users hold the cryptocurrency and earn on it. The earning process takes place with ease due to the integration of blockchain technology at every stage.

How to keep a TFS token for profit

КHow to keep a TFS token for profit

You must follow a specific sequence of steps:

  1. need to be registered with Fair Spin blockchain casino;
  2. you need to install TFS widget. This is actually a personal account - you see your account balance, the ability to buy or withdraw coins, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Hold to Earn program. With the widget, you see all the necessary statistics, as well as the token rate that is relevant at the moment;
  3. Place a bet at the Fair Spin online casino and receive a cashback in the form of a TFS token. Cashback amount depends on the amount of the bet and the activity in the casino;
  4. In addition to cashback in blockchain casinos, you can independently make a deposit in any currency on the platform;
  5. Exchange your deposit for TFS coins directly in the TFS widget;
  6. Check the options for the "Hold to Earn" program and select one.

Features of the "Hold to earn TFS token" program

Sounds interesting, but still it is not clear how to make money?

In short: it's like a bank deposit - interest goes onto the balance of tokens on the account. The more tokens, the more earnings.

In more detail: now let's talk about the features of the "Keep to Earn" program. In fact, these are the conditions of your, let's call it, "bank deposit":

  1. You need to freeze any amount of tokens on your account, but at least 1 TFS token. Think of it as opening a bank deposit - you open a deposit and put a certain amount of money into an account. Here also - instead of a contribution of money you have a widget, and instead of money - we freeze the token;
  2. You can freeze TFS token for 15 minutes, 4 hours, 1 day or more;
  3. Your passive income depends on the number of frozen tokens, the number of participants in the program and the income of the FairSpin blockchain casino during the period when your TFS coins are frozen;
  4. As soon as the Fairspin token freeze period ends, you get back the amount of frozen tokens and the earned tokens as interest;
  5. If you have not earned anything as interest, then in any case you will receive back the amount of the invested tokens;
  6. All statistics and transaction history you can see in your personal account in the TFS widget, including the rate at which you can sell tokens.

passive earnings on Fairspin cryptocurrency

In the picture above, you can see an example of such earnings in the "Hold to earn" program. In this example, the strategy was chosen - to hold the tokens for 15 minutes. Since we are talking about the market situation, in the Gain section you see each time a different percentage that the participant receives. Accordingly, the amount of tokens that the owner of the crypt receives as a percentage differs.

For example, in extreme cases, the percentage was 0. No earnings. The TFS token holder did not earn anything by investing 27 tokens, but received all 27 tokens back. The most successful investment was on the same day - September 17th. In 15 minutes, the value of tokens increased by almost 77% - I invested 7.69076 tokens, and after 15 minutes I received 17.6907 back to my account.

As a reminder, it all depends not only on the freeze time, but also on the number of participants and the income of the FairSpin casino. These factors are difficult to predict and control, so there may be situations where you will not earn anything. On the other hand, you have nothing to lose. Even in the picture above, we see that when it was not possible to earn money, all 27 tokens were returned back to the account in 15 minutes. What to do in this situation? Freeze for a new period - 15 minutes, 4 hours, 1 day or more - and wait for an opportunity to earn.

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