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Information about crypto coin TFS token

TFS coin has all chances of becoming one of the most notable cryptocurrencies. Let's understand how TFS Token works and what are the benefits for each of us.

How to get Fairspin cryptocurrency for free

FairSpin Blockchain Casino is known as one of the first blockchain casinos on the Internet. Blockchain technology is just beginning its journey in gambling, although it has already received numerous positive recommendations from players and experts. Blockchain casino Fair Spin has decided to implement one of the most significant changes on its platform since its launch in 2018 - to provide additional earning opportunities for players around the world. This is how the Play to Earn program was invented - as soon as you place a bet at the casino, FairSpin sends you a TFS token.

Online casino cashback in TFS cryptocurrency

So, by placing a bet at Fair Spin, you receive a TFS token. This is essentially a cashback that a player receives for each bet. Thus, if you lose, then it is not so offensive, but if you win, then due to the free crypt in the form of a TFS coin, the win will be even greater. By receiving cashback in the form of a token, you get the right to use the TFS cryptocurrency at your discretion:

  • trade;
  • play;
  • staking - form of passive earnings.

TFS staking - passive earnings in cryptocurrency

So, if everything is clear with trading a TFS token - you got it and you can sell it right away. It's also understandable to play in an online casino - you have received a TFS coin and you can place your bets. What is stacking?

Staking is a form of passive earnings, when a user stores tokens in his wallet using the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, which ensures the operation of the blockchain. For this, token holders receive new coins. The more coins, the greater the reward and the chances that the player will become the creator of a new block in the cryptocurrency.

Simply saying, think of staking as a bank deposit in the form - you put in money and it brings interest. The difference with a bank deposit in interest and terms - a deposit in a bank will not even cover inflation, and the terms are long - six months, a year or more. A bank deposit is better than keeping money under a mattress, but does not provide an opportunity to earn money, as it depreciates money. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, makes it possible to earn money, even despite the jumps in the course. And you don't have to wait long - when you jump in the course, you can earn money in 15 minutes or 1 hour.

Remember that the purchasing power is going down every month and week. That is, money needs to be invested correctly in order to increase. TFS cryptocurrency provides an opportunity for passive earnings.

Mining and staking TFS (Fairspin cryptocurrencies) on casino games

Staking completely replaces mining. You've probably heard the term "mine Bitcoin" or something similar with the word mining. However, mining works on a different algorithm - Proof of Work (PoW). Bitcoin runs on exactly this kind of algorithm. The essence of this algorithm is the use of computing power to maintain the operation of the network and execute transactions in it. For this, those who mine cryptocurrency receive new coins. However, mining has always been criticized for being energy intensive and ignoring environmental issues. You also need to buy a good graphics card. Basically, you need to start a whole business if you want to make good amounts of money. Not everyone can afford it.

Staking works in a different way. No video cards, mining farms, expensive equipment. If the winner in mining is the one with more computing power, then in staking it is important to just keep the cryptocurrency. This will speak of its popularity and contribute to the creation of a new blockchain in the blockchain.

Keep your crypto in TFS coins and earn! You have nothing to lose!

Passive income in the form of TFS token cryptocurrency

So, got TFS coins from FairSpin? Save them to your wallet. Do not withdraw or sell anywhere. Do not place bets using crypto. Treat it like a bank deposit - the coins are in your wallet and work for you.

In the article "How to multiply a TFS token" we will tell you in more detail how to make money on TFS tokens. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to switch to passive income using the capabilities of blockchain casinos.